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We work for you, not for the bank or the insurance company.

Of course we want and need to make money: we are, after all, a business enterprise. But the most important thing that all people need is education to make wise decisions with their finances. Our coaching is completely free of charge and without obligation. If we have been able to inspire you through our education, there is an opportunity for you to apply the information you have gained to your personal situation. Over 90% of people who actually take the time to listen to the parts of our advice are so enthusiastic that sooner or later they want to implement their individual concept with us. If this is accompanied by the purchase of products that underpin the concept, we do not charge you a separate fee, but receive a commission from the providers.

You can quit at any point without having to pay anything. The whole process should be pleasant and relaxed for you. So you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to become a customer.

Only if you decide to implement the advantages described above, you enter into a commitment with us. You will not experience any pressure from us in this regard.

The information that we provide to our customers free of charge and without obligation, is not typically provided by a bank or insurance company. In recent years, there has not been a single customer who was already aware of the totality and context of our information. This indicates the uniqueness and quality of our advice.

”Honesty refers to the moral quality of being honest and is most commonly used today in the sense of probity, sincerity, truthfulness, openness, straightforwardness, and fairness.” We are fully behind this definition.

Our consultants give you a lot of tips and tricks, which do not bring us any income, because our interest is to create concepts, which are first and foremost lucrative and good for you. For this, we even partially waive commissions. You don’t believe that? Convince yourself with pleasure in the context of our free and noncommittal consultation.

Transparency is reflected in all areas of our work. We give you a look behind the scenes. Your insight is important to us. Our consultants take the time to answer all your questions. The focus is on unfiltered information and honesty. We want to make transparent what banks and insurance companies withhold from you.

Almost no financial advisor works independently, although this is unfortunately very often claimed. Clarification is not at all in the center and it is usually not in the interest of the consultant to tell you how the industry works, what you should pay attention to, what you should not do under any circumstances and why not. They are simply selling financial products.

This is exactly where we start:

We founded CFDL to give people the free, no-obligation input they need to make wise financial decisions. In addition, as an independent financial advisor, we can help you with your individual concept from almost all providers and the individual products not only on the German market. We offer several products and services for international customers as well.

We are constantly confronted with the problem that almost no financial advisor offers independent advice, although this is unfortunately very often claimed. So this means that an advisor comes to you to sell his products and gain clients. He tells you his 5 highlights and hopes to close a deal so that commissions are earned. Education is not the focus at all and it is usually not in the interest of the consultant to tell you how the industry works, what you should pay attention to, what you should not do at all and why not.

Even the supervisor usually only teaches the financial advisor how to sell products, for example an investment or retirement plan. Unfortunately, the necessary thinking outside the box is not encouraged.

Another problem is that financial service providers often have blinders on. Unfortunately, there is rarely interest in looking at and offering asset classes and investment opportunities outside the financial services industry. Yet there are some opportunities that can be very interesting for certain customers. Especially in the context of diversification (risk spreading), it is often worthwhile to consider other options as well. Our farsightedness sets us apart from the usual way of working in the market.

This is exactly where we pick up:

We founded CFDL to give people free and non-binding information they need to make wise financial decisions.

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Frequently asked questions

There are many aspects that are important when it comes to choosing a suitable financial advisor. The service should initially be non-binding and free of charge. It would be good if the financial advisor has already received various (good) reviews. They should be as independent as possible, i.e. not tied to specific insurance companies. The advice should not be a mere “highlight sale”, but should provide information on the basis of which you could make an informed decision on your own. However, all of this also presupposes that the chemistry is right and that you can trust your counterpart – after all, it’s about money.

The advantage of financial advice is clearly the independent view of an expert on your individual financial situation. They will uncover gaps in your provision, identify potential for optimization and develop a financial concept that will accompany you into old age.

There are many ways to get help with financial and insurance issues. You can ask family, friends or acquaintances. You can consult the Internet and much more. However, the most sensible option is to involve an independent financial and insurance advisor in the decision-making process, who offers their advice free of charge. This is the only way to ensure that no detail, no matter how small, is overlooked when it comes to your financial future.

Trust is a big word. This cannot be demanded of the advisor. Rather, the advisor should respond to the customer and advise, not sell. Even behind the curtain, the advisor should be more concerned with the customer’s benefit and not their own advantage. However, it is very difficult for the customer to find this out. Therefore, you could also take the time to educate yourself in this area, at the risk of overlooking something important. The bottom line is that at some point you have to trust someone in this field. Our vision is to create an oasis in the financial world that everyone can turn to with confidence, because it is clear that we put customer benefit before self-interest.

As you have just done, you have found what you were looking for. Although we have certain partnerships with a number of insurers in order to develop and offer special concepts for our customers, we also have access to the majority of products on the market via a pool of brokers.

Some of the wide range of services offered by consumer advice centers are free of charge. However, a fee is charged for the majority of consultations. The amount depends on the federal state, among other things. In the case of advice on pension provision or investments, for example, you pay €1.75 per minute by telephone in Hesse and in Baden-Württemberg an e-mail consultation costs from €22.

The consumer advice center can help you in many areas of life. The advisors have to be familiar with many subject areas at the same time. This means that they can rarely specialize in one particular area. As a result, you should use this service with caution, especially when dealing with the complex issues of insurance and finance, and look for a free and independent financial advisor.

There are a number of ways to have your insurance policies checked. The independence of the examiner should be a top priority. Some examples are the consumer advice center, broker apps or financial advisors. Our primary focus is on providing information to help you make wise financial decisions. In the course of our process, this also includes reviewing your contracts to discover potential savings and service deficiencies.

A fee-based advisor advises on financial and insurance matters without taking a commission for successfully brokering products. Instead, he takes a previously agreed fee solely for his advisory services.

Who pays the financial advisor depends on how they work. In most cases, the advisor receives a share of the insurance premiums you pay in the form of a commission. In rarer cases, the (fee-based) advisor charges a direct fee for their advisory services, even if no insurance contract has been concluded.

First of all, the financial advisor should obtain your permission to use your data in the form of the “GDPR” so that they can talk to you about your individual situation and get an idea of your situation. During this conversation, they will then ask you a series of questions for which no great preparation is required, as they will usually take your insurance folder with them for analysis afterwards. This is how consulting processes usually start. With us, it’s completely different. Before we get to this point with you, you will receive non-binding and free information in advance about how the industry works, what you should pay attention to and what you should never do. This input is completely detached from your personal situation and your personal data, because it concerns everyone who wants to make wise decisions with their finances.

What’s the catch?

  • Each component of the consultation takes about 30 minutes. So it costs you time!
  • If you take advantage of the basic building blocks through one of our financial advisors, you’ll be busy for about two hours.
    We take the time for you, will you take it too?
  • Arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our financial advisors to get to know each other.

What can you expect?

In personal web meetings, we will work with you on the following building blocks::

  • God, insurance and investment – How do they fit together?
  • The way of money – What is going wrong in the financial services market?
  • Overview of investment and investment opportunities – Far more than just german insurance products!
  • How transparent are savings contracts – How much money really goes into your savings plan?
  • Comparison of different savings plans – Not the same for everyone. What you need to consider.

If you would like to have these building blocks of advice applied to your personal situation, it goes like this:

  • Collecting your data to tailor the financial advice to you individually.
  • Obtaining your consent (DSGVO/data protection)
  • Provision of a proven budget plan for a better overview of your costs
  • Optimization of the price-performance ratio of your existing products
  • Creation of a financial concept tailored to you, because:
    All people have goals and desires but many do not achieve them. In most cases, this is due to the fact that they do not have a suitable financial strategy to fulfill their dreams. This is exactly why our financial consulting is relevant for almost everyone.

Optionally, you need further information for your concept, such as:

  • Real estate financing – What’s the smartest way to get into your own home?
  • Reversal of existing savings contracts – Does it make sense?
  • Investing in art – The mother of all tangible assets.
  • Precious metals – Not only value but also quantity development.

Up to this point, there are no costs and the consultation remains non-binding. Only when you decide to optimize an insurance policy or to implement your individual financial planning with us, you enter into a financial commitment.

If you do not want to cooperate with us, we are glad that we could at least give you the necessary input to be able to decide wisely. We don’t hold it against you, because our main focus is on free and non-binding education. However, we wish that you would pass on our contact and recommend us so that the contents of our advice can reach as many people as possible.

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The advisors for finance, old-age provision and investment

Jasper Nozza
Founder & Managing Director
Insurance specialist
Philipp Wolff
Consulting & Marketing
Insurance and Real Estate Financing Specialist
Melanie Wolff
Chief Happiness Operator
Irina Fabrizius
Businesswoman in Insurance and Finance, B.Sc.
Isaak Nicolaus
Consulting & IT
David Zschocke
Consulting & Training
Insurance Specialist
Ulrike Saad
Consulting & Legal
Law graduate
Rebecca Gabriel
Life Coach
Erfan Ramazanifar

Our vision

It has come to our attention that there is a lot of confusion in the financial industry from the customer’s point of view, especially among Christians. When it comes to insurance and private retirement planning, many people feel insecure and inadequately advised. Especially because there is hardly any real independent advice, very few advisors look beyond the end of their nose. Instead, unfortunately, only highlight-oriented product sales take place, which leads to countless contracts being concluded that are usually not worthwhile for the customer.

Our aim is to make a lasting change to the reputation of the industry and advisors and to ensure that people can enjoy more freedom in their finances.

We want to achieve this by creating an oasis where people can turn to and get necessary information and education, free of charge and without obligation, to make wise decisions for their future. Our focus is on honesty, transparency and independence. This is what we believe the industry needs most.

We strive to change the reputation of the industry so that prospective customers can have the security of knowing that they have a trustworthy partner at their side. Your individual needs are our focus and we make sure you get all the information you need to understand our suggestions and recommendations.

We consider it a great honor to bring more clarity to this area and to at least give you an impulse to handle money better and to move your finances in prayer. Our hope is that people will use their finances wisely and that the topic of money can be put in a positive light.

All this is only possible if we manage to inspire people with this very dry topic – you can make this demand on us.

If you decide to go this way together with us, you support our vision at the same time.